TABU game

Regarding to the topic of sexuality and pornography

This game is for teens, adults and social education professionals.

We, the game developers, are pleased that you are ready to play the game one, two or even several times! On the next pages you will find a short introduction to the topic and a guide to the rules.



In the course of the game, the subject of sexuality and pornography will be permanently recognizable as a common theme. This topic has an (intimate) meaning for most people. Therefore, it is important that you pay close attention to your personal limits, as well as to others. Perceptions can be very different in the area of sexuality. An important goal of this game is that everyone can come into the exchange on the subject of sexuality and pornography and it is fun at best and sometimes may be serious. For that to work out, you should pay attention to the well-being of all.

That means:

  • Do not participate is allowed.
  • Laughing is allowed.
  • Laughing is forbidden.
  • Questions are allowed.
  • Let others talk.
  • Respectful language.
  • Do not tell personal information from others.

Sometimes it may be that during or after the game the desire for a conversation arises. It is always a good idea to talk to someone in confidence about their own feelings and personal views on love, friendships and sexuality. So you do not stay alone and you can talk together.
If you feel that you can not share some thoughts with your peers or with your parents, then you can turn to a pedagogical psychologist for your trust.

You can also ask pedagogues for such experts.


You can order the game "ohne Tabu" here.

Instructions of the Game

Included in the Game is:

  • Instructions of the Game
  • Playing Cards
  • QR – Code, for the virtual Buzzer
  • Hourglass



Before you start playing, please provide enough pens and paper.

You should be at least four players, the number of participants is open at the top. From this you will form two equal teams (Team A and Team B). It's best that you sit next to a member of Team A, always a member of Team B. As "Buzzer" the link to an app is available, which you can load on a smartphone or tablet. But you can also use a bell or a horn or an existing buzzer. The sand clock is placed on the table for everyone to see. The cards are placed on the table.



When the hourglass is reversed, the * first player starts by taking a card from the stack and describing the above term to his * team members. However, he * may not use the six taboo words that are below the term. Also modifications of the words are not allowed (see: Notes). The two opposing team members who sit to the left and right of the * r player * pay attention to the hourglass and the taboo words. If one of the forbidden words is mentioned, press the buzzer, the card is put away and a new card is drawn.

When the time is up, the round ends and the opposing team is on it. As long as terms are described as the hourglass runs. For every correctly guessed concept there is a point for the team. If a taboo word was said or the term could no longer be guessed in time, there will be one point for each of the opposing team's cards. The team that scores the most points wins. If a player thinks that a term is too difficult to describe, he can put the card down and draw a new one - but the point for the card that has been removed is also sent to the opposing team.



You are not allowed to describe terms by gestures or sounds. For example, the term "blowjob" should not be simply blown.

All modifications of the original terms are not allowed. Songs in which the word occurs can, however, be sing by-off (without, of course, mentioning the term or the taboo words).

Abbreviations or translations into other languages are just as little. When describing "One Night Stand," you can not just talk about "one night."

And also descriptions of the word-sound, ie statements like "the word rhymes with ..." or "sounds like ..." are - guess what - tabu.

Comments for professionals

The topic of this game touches a point of a very intimate area of young people's lives. This means that you, as a specialist, have to meet multiple-level requirements.

First, your wards will keep a close watch on how you define your own role - also with regard to your own sexual identity. On the other hand, it may be that questions arise. It can be about sexual education issues, but it can also touch deeper areas that may extend to experiences of sexual violence. The latter is an extremely sensitive field in which the first thing to do is to understand the worries and feelings of all those involved.

If the suspicion of self-or other endangerment on the part of young people arise, it is important to first keep calm. In the first place is always the victim protection. Regard-less of the role of adolescents in the story, it must always be made clear to you that the offense will be condemned, but never the person behind it. Like those affected, perpetrators also have a right to help.

Due to the volatile momentum, which can develop this topic quickly, it is advisable to call in external help to be able to decide together with a professional consultation on how the next steps should look like (see: Offers to help).


Guidelines on suspected sexual assault


Assistance in cases of sexualized violence (in Germany)

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